CIC will be implementing the following projects towards realizing the CIC Vision:

STEM Excursion Centre
CIC STEM Excursion Centre provides a rich STEM education environment for secondary schools and higher institutions in the southeast and southwest regions of Nigeria including: Abia, Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Rivers, Cross Rivers, and Akwa Ibom.

During the excursion, the students will be taken through different workshops ranging from computer aided design to hardware development (electronics, mechanical, robotics, mechatronics, etc.). They will be introduced to the following:

  • STEM career options and guidance
  • Plastic extrusion process & machine
  • Electronics design and development
  • Automatic spooling process & machine
  • Prototype development (3D printing) & machine
  • Robots design, programming, and development
  • Computer aided design (CAD) using AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor

Vision 5000in5
Vision 5000in5 is a CIC project to train 5,000 teenagers within 5 years to become inventors, innovators, and technology developers.
This is the first phase of a plan to raise 20,000 technology developers in Nigeria by 2028.

CIC LetsMake Show
CIC LetsMake Show is a weekly television series featuring CIC trained teenagers demonstrating how to build different gadgets, from electronics to robots. Let’sMake Show is expected to become a prime time television show aired nationwide.

CIC Tech Clubs
CIC Tech clubs are technology clubs set up in different secondary schools, polytechnics and universities bringing together students with interest in technology development or vocations. These clubs will encourage tech education, skill acquisition and collaboration among the students.

Members of CIC clubs will have direct access to the tech experts, facilities and resources at Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC).
These clubs provide an avenue for CIC engineers and scientists to mentor the younger generation in technology development.

CIC Innovation Contest
CIC Innovation Contest is an annual technology innovation exhibition and contest for secondary schools and higher institutions in Nigeria.
This event will bring to light as well as promote indigenous innovations.

Winners shall be selected and presented with different awards, including manufacturing contracts for their innovations. These awards will promote indigenous innovation and motivate more people to embark on innovation.

CIC YouTube Channel
CIC YouTube Channel will house our video tutorials and documentaries. We shall produce and upload step by step video guide on different technology projects. Our channel will become a popular place to watch videos on technology development.

CIC Space
CIC Space is an interactive online forum for Nigerian technology developers. It will feature three sections:

Tutorials on different topics
General chat rooms on different technology subjects for questions and answers
Private chat sessions for two members

CIC LearnTech
CIC LearnTech is our formal internet learning school, fully developed to offer standard courses on technology development.
Students register to take courses including written, video and audio lessons. Each course comes with student assignments, grading, projects and certification.

CIC Innovation Index
CIC Innovation Index is an annual ranking of Nigerian universities and polytechnics on innovativeness. This index will be computed from different parameters such as no of patents registrations, inventions, researches, manufactured and commercialized innovations.

This Index will spur school administrations to encourage their students and staff to embark on research and development.