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Renewable Energy at Skill Up Abia 2020

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Renewable Energy trainees in Skill Up Abia 2020 are learning:
-Cell Technology: several technologies used to make solar cells, the building block of solar panels
-Types of solar panels and their levels of efficiency
-Solar electrical characteristics and basic electronics
-Solar panels and voltage measurements
Supported by Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta -…

Skill Up Abia (SUPA) 2020

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Computer-Aided Manufacturing(CAM) trainees in Skill Up Abia 2020 are learning:
-generating G-codes
-slicing using slicer
-pre-heating the printing bed and nozzle
-filament selection
Supported by Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta -…

Computerized and Automated Bag Manufacturing

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Trainees in automated bag manufacturing at Clintonel have been exposed to the basics of bag making.

In the past few weeks, they were introduced to the following:

-Material selection
-Pattern Making
-Material Cutting
-Pattern Assembly

Trainees so far have been able to design and manufacture beautiful bag designs.
Supported by Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta -…

Computerized and Automated Footwear Manufacturing

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Training has fully commenced for computerized and automated footwear manufacturing at Clintonel, the trainees so far have been exposed to the basics of shoe-making including;

-Identification of leather materials
-Pattern making
-Preparation of the upper work
-Preparation of Insole
-Preparation of outer sole
-Shoe lasting

Trainees were able to design and produce *a Leather Loafer Shoe*

Supported by Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta – PIND


computerized and automated leather manufacturing

Computerized and Automated Leather Manufacturing (CALM)

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Computerised and Automated Leather Manufacturing (CALM) is a project to create massive employment in the Aba leather manufacturing industry through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants will be trained to design, produce and sell footwear and bags with the aid of technology.

Training Courses:
Computer Aided Footwear Production
Computer Aided Bag Production

1. Skill building in modern footwear and bag production
2. Business training and startup funding
3. Free working space
4. Transportation support

2 months

Starting Date:
July 2020.

Register online:

OR offline at our office:
7 Factory Road (4th Floor, Left Side of the Building)
By Eziukwu Road, Opposite City Bank,

For enquiries call: 0813 900 8074

computerized and automated leather manufacturing

Engineering For Industry (E4i)

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Nigeria imports over 90% of the engineering products she consumes despite graduating thousands of engineers every year. These graduates are mostly incapable of solving the engineering problems in our society. Consequently, unemployment is very high as we lack the capacity for industrialisation and technological development.

I’m pleased to announce that our organisation, Clintonel Innovation Centre (an engineering tech hub in Nigeria) is pioneering a national project that will transform engineering education in Nigeria in collaboration with industry and academia partners.

Join us today to discuss this engineering skills gap and how we plan to transform engineering education in Nigeria.

Register here:


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Skill Up Abia (SUPA) is a project of Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) with support from Foundation for Partnership Initiative in the Niger Delta (PIND), to train and support young people in the region to secure and create employment.


1. Business training and startup funding will be available for participants.

2. Best performing participants will be offered immediate employment.

3. Transportation will be provided for all participants

TRAINING COURSES: 1. COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGNING (CAD): The use of computer software to design different products.

2. COMPUTER-AIDED MANUFACTURING (CAM): The use of computer software to control and automate manufacturing machines.

3. RENEWABLE ENERGY: Solar Panel & Inverter construction and installation.

DURATION: Two (2) Months.

STARTING DATE: 1st July 2020.

Register online:

OR offline at our office: 12 Umuatako Road, By Aba-Owerri Road, Opposite Star Paper, Umungasi Aba

For enquiries call: 0813 900 8074

International Partnerships for Local Solutions

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Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) is pleased to announce a recent partnership with GEMINI CAD Systems, a global top producer of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Software for the fashion industry.
CIC is now their Authorised Training Partner in Nigeria and will train experts to disrupt and modernize the Nigerian Fashion Industry.

CIC had earlier secured Partnership with Autodesk, a global top producer of design and manufacturing software.

At Clintonel Makerspace, we are passionate about building capacity in Nigeria for product design, engineering innovation and manufacturing.

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How To Create A Multilingual WordPress Website With Polylang (2020)

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I can still get it back. You can still get back your old content. Unfortunately, you can’t search for the old content across your whole site. In next week’s article I will show you how to recover old website content from any website, no matter what platform you are on or how old the content is.

You will need to know what page specifically the content was on. Feel free to download it, use it, add to it; let me know in the comments if you have suggestions for any other helpful functions to add. You can also count on qualified support professionals who know the ins and outs of your WordPress site and server. With a list, you’ll be able to send campaigns and set up autoresponders, which can help bring traffic to your site in the long run. In this case we can only recommend that you inspect your site closely to do some troubleshooting, turn off or even delete plugins one by one, remove scripts and in worst case re-install WordPress to see if this solves your issue.

For some of these WordPress image errors, you might need to edit or create files on your web server in order to try to diagnose and fix the issue. The next example shows a WordPress plugin with multiple files. Just one question, if you installed WordPress as admin then all files are owned by admin.

  1. Disable all plugins
  2. Ready to import websites
  4. Click on Property Settings on the left side
  5. Hosting Plan
  6. A quick summary of who I am and my journey with personal development
  7. Monthly Maintenance Services and Backup
  8. Choose “Custom – display all possible options” as “Export Method”

Then click the “Save” button. But we are going to see how we can customize it a little bit. It’s fast and easy to install and there are seemingly infinite plugins to choose from – both free and premium. It’s hidden in plain sight, and it’s really easy to miss. Make sure you don’t miss it by signing up for my newsletter. I don’t have a copy that I saved off.

These specific people don’t have to enter the login details to open your private website. Don’t fear though, it’s still not gone forever. If you don’t meet all of them, all is not lost. But, wordpress slow to go through these steps you must meet the following conditions. With so many demos, it’s well worth taking a look at the different types of online course website you can create with Education Pack.


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COVID-19 is changing the world.
Most countries have banned exports. Nigeria could be in serious trouble. How can we survive if we can’t import the goods we need?

Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) is on a mission to build capacity in Nigeria for Engineering Innovation, Indigenous Products Development and Manufacturing.
We’re helping to build a Nigeria that produces what she consumes.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Autodesk, the global producer of engineering software (including AutoCAD, Inventor, Fusion360, etc.)

This is one of the Global Partnerships we’re building to enable us bridge the Engineering Skills Gap in Nigeria, preparing our engineers to meet the demand for Indigenous Products Development and Manufacturing.

Together, we’re building the Nigeria of our Dreams.