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Trainees of Skill Up Abia project are exploring the possibilities in 3D printing technology.

They are developing their prowess in digital fabrication.

Nnewi Investment Summit 2020!

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Nnewi is the biggest Industrial cluster in South East & South South regions of Nigeria.

At Nnewi Investment Summit, The CEO of Clintonel Innovation Centre, Mr Clinton Tochukwu Chukwueke made a case for Human Capital Development within the Nnewi Industrial Cluster, especially in the areas of engineering innovation, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

Nnewi needs a Makerspace dedicated to Skill Building in Digital Fabrication.

Clintonel Innovation Centre is in the News!

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Clintonel Makerspace is developing capacity in Nigeria for engineering innovation, product development and manufacturing:
Bridging the engineering skills gap in Nigerian education, driving massive industrialization and youth employment. 


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Over 80 million Nigerians are currently without access to clean energy. Clintonel Innovation Centre – CIC with support from Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta – PIND is preparing young people in Abia State to lead the lead the way in solving the power problem in Nigeria.

Digital manufacturing is the future.

All over the world young people are embracing digital manufacturing.Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) trainees in the Skill Up Abia project are being exposed to the world of digital manufacturing.

The world have come to realize that design adds more value than it adds cost; it allows for easier development and assemble of products.
Computer aided design (CAD) trainees of skill up Abia project are learning more on how to add value. They are perfecting their designing prowess.


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Participants of the Skill Up Abia Project batch 2019/2020 at Clintonel Innovation Centre-CIC are acquiring lots of in demand Technical skills via hands-on learning approach.

Trainees  are acquiring in-demand skills on professional designing.
They have been exposed to 2D and 3D tools such as:
2D Sketching,
3D Modeling,
Revolve tool,
Offset from Original, Planes,

Designed by trainees of the Skill up Abia project at Clintonel Innovation Centre-CIC.

Our visitor Jeremy at Clintonel Innovation Centre – CIC Advanced Engineering Centre addressing participants of Skill Up Abia on hardware and entrepreneurship.


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Apply for Skill Up Abia (SUPA) 2019 – a project of Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) Aba to train and support unemployed young people in Abia State.
At the end of the training, trainees will be supported to secure or create employment.

Training courses:
• Computer Aided Design (CAD)
The use of computer software to design different products

• Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
The use of computer software to control and automate manufacturing machines

• Renewable Energy: Solar Panel & Inverter construction and installation

• Professional Mobile Phone Repair

40% of the slots are reserved for female applicants and persons with disabilities.

Apply here:
At our office: 7 Factory Road, Aba

Deadline: 18th October 2019

Send enquiries to:
Phone: 081 390 08074

Participation in Skill Up Abia is FREE!

Skill Up Abia is supported by PIND (NDYEP Project)

Hardware Fabrication at Clintonel Innovation Centre, CIC.

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Hardware fabrication is a hands-on field that involves design, assembling, testing and installation of machines and machine parts

Clintonel Innovation Centre is changing the face of hardware in Nigeria.

Design and Construction of a Rapid Prototype Machine (3D Printer)

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An ongoing project in Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) Aba.

Promoting hardware in Nigeria

Another Industrial Revolution.

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Clintonel Innovation Centre; Driving another Industrial Revolution in Nigeria

The first Industrial Revolution was the transition to new  Manufacturing processes in Europe. Transitioning from hand production method to use of machines.

Clintonel innovation Centre – CIC, is enabling and driving another Industrial Revolution in Nigeria; changing the narrative of manufacturing processes in Nigeria.

Technology is Changing our World

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Futurists of the 1950s and 60s predicted that by the 2000s, flying cars, airborne robots and other gadgets would be part of our everyday lives.
Today we are at the brink of another technological boom!
These Technologies will go mainstream and Change our World soon:
-Voice Assistants.
-Robot Assistants.
-Augmented and Mixed Reality.
-Regenerative Medicine
-Driverless Vehicles
-Reusable Rockets.
-Quantum Computing.
-Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Clintonel Innovation Centre, CIC equips young people with skills for technology development.