What We Do

Skill development

We build skills in Computer aided design (CAD), Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and Renewable (Solar) energy

Technology Incubation

We support inventors, scientists and engineers to develop new products

3D Printing

We transform peoples ideas into real physical objects

RECENT Products

CIC Blog

Funding Workshop

To ensure funding does not inhibit #SkillUpAbia graduating trainees, Clintonel Innovation Centre (CI

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2nd Product Design Challenge

In their second project defence, the CAM trainees created designs of the following products: *Book S

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Solar Panel Installation Class @ Skill Up Abia

Trainees at Skill Up Abia had a first-hand experience installing solar panels on different types of

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Solar Panel Installation Class (Field experience)

    Inadequate power supply is a very serious problem in Nigeria inhibiting industrial and

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TED Talk: Why We Need Makerspaces in Nigeria

Tochukwu Chukwueke is an inventor. The quest for a place to test his designs and utilize his creativ

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Governor with 3D Map of Abia State

  We presented a 3D Printed Desktop Map of Abia State to the executive governor of Abia State,

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TED Talk: How to Build Technology Ecosystem

A technology ecosystem is vital in our quest for industrial revolution. Watch how to build an ecosys

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Product Design Challenge, CAD Class

Students undergoing training for Computer Aided Design (CAD) participated in their first product des

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Skill acquisition, CAD, CAM, Solar energy

Apply for Skill Up Abia

APPLY FOR SKILL UP ABIA Application is open for Skill Up Abia (SUPA), a project of Clintonel Innovat

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Product Design Challenge.

Students undergoing training for Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) participated in the first produc

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Clintonel Wins in Aba Hackathon


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CIC Supporting STEM Education in Nigeria

These passionate individuals are working to improve STEM education in the South-East and South-South

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CIC Changing Nigerian Hardware Culture

How an inventor from Aba is working to transform Nigeria’s hardware culture

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CIC is pioneering a technology revolution in Nigeria